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We’ve worked with other business coaches before, but this is totally different. Shawn doesn’t feel like a business coach, he feels like family, like a brother. His network is second-to-none! They provide support for business, life, family, mindset, and more. When my business partner passed away, I knew I needed to bring someone on to help me know what I didn’t know. My advice if you’re considering hiring Shawn is to be bought in! You can’t come into this and half-ass it. If you’re not ready mentally, physically, or ready for a commitment, it’s not time. But if you’re tired of doing the same thing over and over again and not getting the results, now’s the time to make that change and Shawn can help!

Jason Herbert, Owner & CEO
Herbert Roofing & Insulation – Saginaw, MI

Client Name: Jason Herbert
Client: Herbert Roofing & Insulation
Client Website: www.herbertroofing.com

Welcome to Herbert Roofing & Insulation, Inc., the premier, full-service Michigan roofing company serving Saginaw, Midland, Bay City and surrounding areas. Since 1973 we’ve been the reliable and credible local roofing company for thousands of home and business owners. When it comes to the roof over your head, common sense tells you a shabby installation or repair job leaves you at risk of leaks. (Or worse!) That’s why it’s important to entrust your roof only to experts. At Herbert Roofing & Insulation, Inc., all our employees are thoroughly trained and/or certified roofing professionals. Our work is backed by our certified roofing system warranty and the manufactures shingle warranty to perform to your satisfaction.


We have been providing local roof replacement and roof repair to the Tri-County area since 1973.  There are many roofing companies in Bay City, MI, Saginaw, and Flint to choose from and we hope you consider Herbert Roofing for your roof replacement or repair.  Our roofing leadership team looks forward to exceeding your expectations.