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Before I met Shawn, I knew I was going to meet a mentor, someone who was going to help me put these puzzle pieces together and help make sense of things and help me gain traction. As soon as I met Shawn, I knew he was that guy. If you’re on the fence about working with Shawn, you need to challenge that thought process. Henry Ford once said, “If you think you can, or you think you can’t, you’re right!” Shawn will help shift your mindset so that you think you can!

Daniel Pentikis, Owner & CEO
Honey Bees Roofing & Solar – Burleson, TX

Client Name: Daniel Pentikis
Client: Honey Bees Roofing & Solar
Client Website: www.honeybeesroofing.com

At Honey Bees Roofing & Solar, we do things differently than other roofing contractors. First, we offer both replacements and repairs; some companies are only interested in replacing your roof when all it may need are a few repairs. Second, we take an educational approach to our services, helping our customers understand the issues with their roof and how our recommendation provides the most beneficial solution. And above all else, we stand apart from our competitors by operating with a stringent code of ethics. Like so many other local homeowners, you too will BEE IMPRESSED with our products, craftsmanship, and service.


No doubt you’ve heard the expression “as busy as a bee.”Honeybees are among the hardest-working creatures on the planet, and we rely on them to sustain the many ecosystems that ensure our survival. Likewise, homeowners and business owners throughout Fort Worth, Texas, and the surrounding area depend on local roofing companies to protect their homes by providing high-quality roof repairs and replacements. Therefore, when Daniel Pentikis, a longtime admirer of the bee work ethic, decided to start his own professional company in Burleson with a team of roofing specialists, he named it Honey Bees Roofing.