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The biggest benefit I received was the awareness of a new way to approach things. If I have a problem, I know how to look at it from a different angle to help find a solution for it. I’ve gained more awareness, more confidence, and more peace in life. Any chance you get to improve yourself or your business you should take it. This will make you a better person and being a better person helps you make more money. I already have everything I need and Shawn helped me see that!

Arodi Vela, Owner & CEO
Stress Free Roofing – McDonough, GA

Client Name: Arodi Vela
Client: Stress Free Roofing
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Let’s face it: There are hundreds of roofers out there. Some are good. Some are average. And some… aren’t so great. The problem is that it can be hard to tell them apart when you’re getting quotes. After all, every roofer will tell you they do great work, provide the best price, and use the most premium materials. What does that mean for YOU? That hiring a roofer is like playing the lottery. You could win big… or lose big.


That won’t happen when you choose Stress-Free Roofing. We’re the McDonough area’s roofer that you can bank on. Like other roofers, we also say we provide excellent workmanship, products, and prices. The difference is that we back up our bold claims with Peace-Of-Mind Guarantees. Six of them, to be exact. These Peace-Of-Mind Guarantees are our ironclad assurance to you that we “walk the talk.” They are our unwavering promise to you that we’ll do what we say. They’re YOUR way of holding our feet to the fire to ensure you have an amazing project experience from start to finish.