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I have been in your shoes


For over 20 years, I ran a thriving family-owned business. Lucky for me, I had the guidance of some truly remarkable consultants and mentors. Their insights? Golden. They lit my way, and I put their wisdom to work, turning strategies into successes.


It's my turn to give back

I've turned profit-sinking ventures into booming businesses. I've helped entrepreneurs not only boost their business but also find harmony between work and family.


Now, it’s about you

Transforming losses to profits? Balancing business and family? I’ve been there. And I’m here for you. Check out stories from folks I’ve had the pleasure to guide. And don't forget to…

Enjoy The Ride


The thing that I like most about working with Shawn is the accountability that I get from the group... I'm able to skip the steps to the ladder.”

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“You have to have the mindset to actually make the changes... Working with Shawn has really helped me understand the mind, how the mind works, how the mind's holding you back.”

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The Thinking into Results group has transformed the abstract into reality, enabling the growth of businesses and fostering improved relationships within families

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And that's not everyone...

Look at what these people have to say:


"Before Shawn, I didn't even know what mindset was. We were stuck in a cycle of low profit for so long. Now, we understand our numbers and I know my destination."

- Sean Gerathy

"It all starts with mindset. Without a clear or positive mindset, you will not be able to get to the level you want to be."

- Bill Chase

"Getting into the program has been beneficial for myself, my family and my company."

-James Henriques

"I have learned to allow. I have learned to receive. Any event that happens, I get to control my response which dictates the outcome."

- Kaitlin Baker

"There's nothing quite like this out there. While there's business coaching and distant mindset coaching available, I've never encountered something that combines."

- David Homavand

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