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Life is always happening FOR you

Get ready to connect with your new best friend. If you don’t like this episode that’s a “you...
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Secrets of the Ultra Wealthy

In this episode the young, powerful, and influential Bridger Pennington drops some bombs on living a...
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What Is The Knowing Doing Gap

What Is The Knowing-Doing Gap?

Shawn Feurer Consulting helps people answer the question, "what is the knowing-doing gap" and explai...
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Yes I Am A Closer Grosso University Podcast - change my mindset

Podcast: Yes I Am A Closer

Shawn Feurer Consulting answers the question, how to change my mindset on the Yes I Am A Closer podc...
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Introducing Enjoy The Ride

Introducing “Enjoy The Ride”

Shawn Feurer Consulting has created the "Enjoy The Ride" section of the website to offer guidance to...