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    Goal Setting - Learn To Achieve Your Goals

    Goal Setting

    Goal setting creates different responses from different people. With the ever-increasing focus placed on goals in today’s society, the approach to goal setting varies almost as much as the goals themselves. It’s no wonder why many people are burned out with talking about goal setting in some of the most traditional ways.


    That’s why my approach to goal setting is different. A few years ago, it got to a point where I would rather be poked in the eye and shot in the foot than talk about goals in the same cliche way. No more S.M.A.R.T. goals, no more Objectives and Key Results. Instead my goal setting clients learn to identify their goals using three main categories.


    • “A” goals involve repeating something you’ve already done.
    • “B” goals require you to set a goal that you know you can achieve with minimal effort or change.
    • “C” goals are something you have no idea how to get, but the thought of achieving them gives you butterflies of excitement and a little bit of fear. This fear exists because achieving them will change your life.


    My clients find it refreshing that I restore their permission to dream and push them to let go of the self-limiting beliefs that keep them from what they really want. Furthermore, I teach my clients that the most important thing about the C goal isn’t achieving it, but the growth they experience during the journey along the way.


    This process stems from a paraphrased quote, “The road to becoming a millionaire isn’t about the money you’ll earn, it’s about the person you’ll become along the way. You can lose the million dollars, but you can never lose the person you’ve become.”


    With this approach I’ve helped my goal setting clients set and achieve goals they never imagined. This has allowed them to unlock true freedom and abundance in their finances, their relationships, and their health and wellness. I’d love to help you experience the thrill of achieving a life-changing “C” goal!