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What Is A Worthy Ideal Or Worthy Goal?

Updated: Dec 27, 2022

What Is A Worthy Ideal Or Worthy Goal?

Everyone needs goals and aspirations in their personal and professional lives. These goals, whether individual or group, drive us forward into the next stage of life. There’s been a lot of discussion and hundreds of books written on goal setting. While this subject has been covered broadly by many authors and speakers in the past, it’s not often covered deeply. There are several different processes for goal setting, but many people fail to understand first, what is a worthy ideal or worthy goal for which to strive?.

Many people don’t understand that the process of goal setting alone doesn’t inspire motivation or drive. In fact, most people are a little burned out on the subject of goal setting because they’ve heard the same tired rhetoric over and over. I wanted to share this article to help break up the idea that goal setting has to be tedious and boring. The most important thing, as with any process, is the first step. Identifying a worthy goal or worthy ideal starts my goal-setting process because that’s where passion and drive are created.

Identifying A Worthy Ideal Or Worthy Goal

Now that we’ve established the need to start with a worthy goal or worthy ideal, the next step is learning how to spot the difference between a worthy goal and a regular goal. Understanding these differences will be critical to your mindset growth. Too often people fall back into old habits with goal setting and don’t stretch themselves because they believe they can’t achieve bigger goals. Let’s look at some of the common goal-setting traps.

Example A – Repeating A Goal or Ideal You’ve Already Completed

One of the most common types of goals people set are baseline goals. These goals are easily spotted because they require the goal-setter to complete an objective they’ve already completed in the past. The mindset behind these types of goals usually goes something like, “Well, at the very least I want to hit the same benchmark I did last year.” These goals are set with a self-limiting belief and prevent positive growth. At best, they allow stagnation to form in place of success. At worst they keep you in a never-ending cycle of staying where you’re at.

Example B – An Easy To Obtain Goal or Ideal

S.M.A.R.T goals usually hang out in this category. This method of goal setting has grown in popularity recently. SMART stands for Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-bound. The biggest problem with this category of goals resides right in the middle of the acronym – achievable far too often means easy to achieve. While all goals are achievable with enough drive and effort, focusing on achievability as part of the goal-setting process often leads to small goals that create little to no growth.

Example C – A Worthy or Ideal Goal

This is where the magic happens! Life-changing goals cause people to experience butterflies and even a little fear at the thought of achieving them. They create and encapsulate drive, passion, motivation, and desire. Life-changing goals may be something that you don’t know how to achieve at all, but unlike in the S.M.A.R.T. goals process, this isn’t a cause for concern. These goals, by their very nature, will inspire you to continue to search for ways to reach them. They represent a driving passion for success. This category encompasses all the worthy goals and worthy ideals.

Summary – What Is A Worthy Goal or Worthy Ideal?

Worthy goals or ideals inspire action, motivation, and passion. They begin the goal-setting process because they encourage the goal-setter to dream big. These big dreams are important because they reaffirm to the goal-setter that they are worth the time and effort it will take to achieve them. These worthy goals and ideals spark growth for individuals and companies. Implementing this type of goal setting in your personal and professional life often transforms the way you approach obstacles along your path.

If you’re interested in learning more about goal-setting, hiring a mindset mentor, business coach, or life coach, contact me online or give me a call at 801-550-5111. As always, thanks for reading, and I hope you take the challenge of setting worthy goals and worthy ideals in your life. Enjoy the ride!

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