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When Is The Best Time To Hire A Business Coach or Mindset Mentor

Updated: Dec 27, 2022

When Is The Best Time To Hire A Business Coach or Mindset Mentor?

As a reformed business coach, turned mindset mentor, I get this question all the time. One of the best and most complicated aspects of what I do is that it’s not tangible, you can’t always touch it or see it. This makes it difficult, however, for people to understand when the best time to hire a business coach or mindset mentor is. I’ve worked with several amazing clients throughout my career. I’ve also worked with a couple that weren’t ready to start working towards freedom and abundance. Throughout the years, I’ve learned some key indicators that help people determine the best time to hire a business coach, life coach, or mindset mentor.

WHY Hire A Mindset Mentor or Business Coach Let’s get one thing straight upfront; hiring a mindset mentor, life coach, or business coach isn’t about WHEN, it’s about WHY! Asking the right question helps put everything else in the correct framework as we move forward. Each person represents a unique background, holds their own paradigms, and grows at their own pace. This means that no set timeframe exists for an individual to start working with a coach. Similarly for businesses, every business experiences growing pains, failures, and success at different stages. This means hiring a business coach can’t be driven by time or milestones, rather it must be driven by the WHY.

You’re putting in the work, but not seeing the results

Individuals and business owners expect to see growth and experience success if they “put in the work”. While this statement rings true, it requires a little more context. It’s not just about putting in the work, it’s about working on the RIGHT things. If you’re putting in maximum effort and aren’t experiencing the results you’d like to see, you fall under our first example for the best time to hire a mindset mentor, business coach, or life coach. A coach can help you see the paradigms you’ve built that are standing in your way and help you create your own key to success.

You know what you want, but you don’t know how to get there

This example creates the most frustration for people and business owners. They see others living the life they want, but they don’t know how they got there or where to begin. This manifests as being a dreamer, but lacking the plan or execution to move forward. A good mindset mentor, business coach, or life coach will help you focus those dreams and break them into key steps and milestones. I encourage every person to dream big, but I also help focus these dreams so they become reality!

You’re stuck in a rut or stuck on a particular problem

Everybody goes through this at some point in their life. We all get stuck on a problem or in a rut that we can’t shake. We keep trying the same processes and searching in the same places for the solution, but end up with the same results. This situation breeds discouragement and actually reinforces negative paradigms or “stinkin’ thinkin'” and needs to be corrected. If you’re feeling stuck, it might be the perfect time to hire a business coach, mindset mentor, or life coach.

You want to be proactive and avoid common pitfalls you see others fall in

Many people overlook this approach and only seek help after they’ve experienced an issue. While this might make sense on the surface, people should consider one of my favorite Benjamin Franklin quotes. “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” People who live by this philosophy understand the value of hiring a life coach, business coach, or mindset mentor as early as possible. Many people waste thousands of dollars getting stuck in avoidable circumstances by listening to negative paradigms. Businesses waste exponentially more money and resources by falling into the same traps as those who came before them. Imagine scaling your growth and maximizing your positive energy to bypass these issues. You’d be on your way to freedom and abundance sooner than you ever imagined!

Summary – When To WHY Hire A Business Coach or Mindset Mentor

You may think I’m biased, but I believe people should hire life coaches, mindset mentors, or business coaches as soon as possible – preferably now! The one thing that accelerated my life and career immensely was working with great mentors. Not only did this work for me personally, but I see this success and exponential growth daily with my clients. Whether they’ve come to me exhausted after working too hard, frustrated by not knowing where to start or by being stuck in a rut, or they just want to get ahead of the curve and avoid major problems, each of them has experienced more freedom and abundance since working with me.

If you’re interested in hiring a mindset mentor, business coach, or life coach, contact me online or give me a call at 801-550-5111. As always, thanks for reading, and I hope I inspired you to start your journey towards more success! Enjoy the ride!

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