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    Public Speaking - "Inspiring and Engaging"

    Public speaking allows me to reach your entire team or the entire group at once. I customize each of my talks for the audience I will be presenting to and come prepared with relevant examples and experiences. My passion for my business and for helping others achieve their dreams and goals holds the attention of the audience. In fact, several audience members have approached me after a public speaking event to share that my presentation was “Inspiring and engaging”.

    Shawn Feurer Public Speaking


    Thinking Into Results

    Thinking into results isn’t just about your business. It’s about improving all aspects of your life. When you learn about Thinking Into Results, you’ll experience abundance in your finances, your relationships, and your health and wellness.

    Mindset Mentor

    It all starts inside! The audience will learn about the impact that the correct mindset can have. For most of our lives, we’ve been taught how to think about ourselves and we’ve let others shape our own ideas of ourselves. I teach the audience simple tricks to break down these invisible limitations and inspire them to experience the benefits of a transformed mindset.

    Leadership Development

    Leadership development spans two major aspects, teaching individuals how to find their leadership styles, and helping businesses adapt to the leadership styles of their management team. Essentially it all boils down to this: the best way to be a good leader is to be a good follower. To be a good follower you have to be a good listener. In these presentations, I help the audience learn to lead through learning to follow first.

    Team Building

    This presentation starts with personality profiles for the entire group. These profiles not only show effective communication styles for each person, but also identify key motivators for each person. This information is then used to help the group of individuals understand how to come together as a group. We will use activities to help put these profile results into action and keep everyone engaged throughout the entire session.