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Believe and Achieve - Landscape Disruptors

Landscape Disrupters Podcast

Landscape Disruptors offers a fun, light-hearted, and entertaining platform that showcases top performers in the landscape and snow industry and discusses all things related to business and beyond. This platform provides a place for sharing advice related to helping landscapers build successful and well-planned out businesses of their own. Viewers can expect a variety of guest experts to talk about all functions related to business, including sales, marketing, making better equipment decisions, and various other topics that will help you build a more efficient and more profitable landscape company. In May 2021, I had the pleasure of talking with Stanley “Dirt Monkey” Genadek on his Landscape Disrupters podcast. Click the link at the bottom of the page to listen to the show. We discuss how to “believe to achieve” and “why some people succeed and others don’t”. Check out a quick summary of the conversation below!

Success Is About Mindset, Not Systems

I became a Mindset Mentor because I wanted to understand why some business owners continued to not see success. This happened even after being given all the proven systems and tools that were efficient and effective for their industries. After taking a deep dive into the mindset aspect of business, I learned it’s not about the systems, it’s about the mindset! I can’t stress this enough for those of you reading this summary, the difference between people who succeed and people who fail is less about the systems in place and more about their attitude and approach to the obstacles life throws at them.

You’ve Got To Feel It!

The first place you’ve got to start is you’ve got to FEEL it! You’ve got to know what you want and let a burning, consuming passion spread throughout your heart and mind. This feeling, the emotion behind it, allows you to begin to reset the subconscious. You’ll be able to identify this feeling because an almost innate, supernatural sense of confidence will fill your heart and mind. You will start to think, “There’s no way I can fail at this!” That’s “feeling it” and that’s where the shift towards success begins!

Change Your Programming – Change Your Paradigm!

I define a paradigm as a collection of thoughts, beliefs, and habits that exist in your subconscious mind. In short, your paradigms equal your programming. Many people believe you can’t change your programming or your way of thinking, but they’re wrong! In fact, if you work with me you’ll learn that is a self-limiting belief that is causing you to get in your own way. This programming is learned in two primary ways, spaced repetition of thought and an emotional event. Hearing something repeatedly throughout your life will cause you to believe it over time and a major emotional event can create the same feeling.

Paradigms run 95% of an average person’s day. This is crazy! This programming that you didn’t create, and in most cases isn’t true should not be dictating such a large portion of your day. That’s not the “autopilot” setting you want if you want to experience growth and success. Imagine a baby elephant tethered to a stake in the ground. While the elephant is young and weak, it’s unable to pull up the stake. If left tethered to that stake, that elephant will never realize it has the strength as it grows, to pull the stake out of the ground and explore the world. Unfortunately, most people still live their lives tied to that stake and bound to the programming that was bestowed upon them by others.

The Power of Affirmations

If the mind can learn all of the negative paradigms and programming, can it be retrained? Absolutely, yes! The mind is susceptible to programming, it will learn to believe anything. That’s exactly how we override those self-limiting beliefs and negative programming. We use the power of affirmations to reset our paradigms to align with our goals. You convince yourself that you’re worth the annual income you desire, or that you’re already capable of reaching your ideal body weight.

So How Do I Change My Mindset?

I specialize in changing self-limiting mindsets for my clients. I teach a program called Thinking Into Results that helps people reprogram their subconscious. It allows the participants to experience freedom and abundance! Anyone looking to find incredible success needs to take a serious look at this program. I believe it’s more than a proven process to find success, Thinking Into Results transforms your life. If you’re looking for more information to dive into before talking with me, check out Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill. He wrote the book in 1938 and it stands the test of time and outlines some keys to success!

If you’re interested in the information here and want to start finding success every day, contact me online or give me a call at 801-550-5111. As always, thanks for reading, and I hope I inspired you to start your journey towards more success! Enjoy the ride!