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Yes I Am A Closer Grosso University Podcast - change my mindset

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Grosso University is a leading sales training company in the home improvement industry. They are comprised of a group of trainers, consultants, marketers, and industry executives with a deep understanding of the home services industry. They produce a weekly podcast called “Yes I Am A Closer” where they interview top industry professionals and share advice on navigating the competitive sales world for home improvement contractors. Early in March 2021, I had the pleasure of talking with Dominic Caminata on his show. Click the link at the bottom and watch the show. Learn to answer the question, “how do I change my mindset?”

Unlocking The Power Of The Subconscious

In this episode of the Yes I Am A Closer podcast, we discuss the power of the subconscious mind and its effect on our daily actions. Many people walk through life and they never learn how to access the power of their subconscious mind. They never learn to properly visualize success and change their mindset. A great example of this shows up in golf. When teeing off, many amateur golfers say to themselves, “don’t hit it into the water, don’t hit it into the water.” The whole time they are envisioning the almost inevitable outcome, the ball landing in the water. Imagine instead, a golfer thinking “hit it on the green, hit it on the green.” The outcomes are drastically different despite very similar mechanics. The difference, harnessing the power of your mindset!

What’s The Difference Between Success and Failure?

People develop programming throughout their life. They learn to eat, live, and think a certain way. This programming follows us as we get older and follows us into our businesses as well. We learn to set limitations without realizing what we’ve done. Imagine the power of being able to lift those limitations and shed the programming you’ve learned throughout your life. What if you could stop letting things that aren’t true, and beliefs that aren’t yours rule your life. Fortunately, you can reprogram your subconscious to work for you instead of against you! Have you ever wondered why a sales team with the same characteristics and training end up with different results even with a proven sales process? The answer is more simple than you’d expect. It’s their mindset!

So How Do I Change My Mindset?

I specialize in changing self-limiting mindsets for my clients. I teach a program called Thinking Into Results that is designed to help people reprogram their subconscious to experience freedom and abundance! This program is critical for sales professionals and business owners. It’s more than a proven process to generate leads, it transforms your life inside and outside of your work and your business.