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the universal mindset disruptor
shawn f
shawn feurer
WHO am i
my mission
my vision
over 20 years of experience

I have spent years working with success-minded individuals all over the United States and Canada. 


I love what I do, and I am excited to show you a different approach than other consultants.


My passion? It's all about the journey I share with each client. 


My approach is different – it's personalized, it's unique, and most importantly, it gets results


Running a successful family business for over twenty years taught me invaluable lessons.


I’ve learned (often the hard way) what DOESN'T work. 


And after a LOT of trial and error, after error, after error… I found It.


I found gold. And it was in discovering strategies that DO work, and surprisingly, most of these weren’t my original ideas…


How? You see, I’ve hit the same roadblocks as you. 


I tried seeking wisdom beyond my expertise and I was lucky to find mentors who showed me the path. 


Their guidance was actually more than just “advice”… 


It was a blueprint for success that I was able to implement into my business right away. 


Now, as a seasoned mindset coach and business mentor… 


My wish is to pass on those same insights, helping you find the same sense of freedom and abundance that energizes me every day.

don't make excuses
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