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Boosting your relationships, whether they're professional, romantic, or with friends, starts with YOU. But how? Inner Blueprint is your tool for self-evolution, equipping you to enhance every interaction so that you become the best version of yourself in all of your relationships. 


"We only have one body, yet we don't always prioritize self-care. If you're busy with work or running a business, it can be tough to find time for self-care. Inner Blueprint can help you learn how to plan for self-care and understand its importance. Let me help you shift your mindset to prioritize health and wellness."


Many people struggle with living paycheck-to-paycheck, but Inner Blueprint can help you shift your mindset to see opportunities where others see dead ends. I'm here to guide you in aligning your actions with your financial ambitions.


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I’ll be fully honest, growing your business is about more than just hard work – it's about working smart. In my business coaching sessions, I focus on boosting your profit margins through innovative strategies and efficient planning. Stop thinking that it’s just about increasing revenue. It's about optimizing every aspect of your business operations for maximum profitability.


From refining your sales techniques to enhancing operational efficiency, my goal is to help you identify and capitalize on opportunities that you might be overlooking. Whether you're a startup or a well-established enterprise, the objective remains the same: sustainable financial growth.


The key? It's a combination of market analysis, customer insights, and competitive strategies, tailored specifically to your business. 


Remember, successful businesses aren't just about the bottom line… they're about intelligent, adaptable strategies that stand the test of time. Ready to take your business to the next level? I'm here to guide you every step of the way.

Business Coaching
Goal Setting
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Goal setting creates different responses from different people. With the ever-increasing focus placed on goals in today’s society, the approach to goal setting varies almost as much as the goals themselves. It’s no wonder why many people are burned out with talking about goal setting in some of the most traditional ways. That’s why my approach to goal setting is different. A few years ago, it got to a point where I would rather be poked in the eye and shot in the foot than talk about goals in the same cliche way. No more S.M.A.R.T. goals, no more Objectives and Key Results. Instead, my goal setting clients learn to identify their goals using three main categories.


       “A” goals involve repeating something you’ve already done.

       “B” goals require you to set a goal that you know you can achieve with minimal effort or change.

      “C” goals are something you have no idea how to get, but the thought of achieving them gives you butterflies of excitement and a little bit of fear. This fear exists because achieving them will change your life.


My clients find it refreshing that I restore their permission to dream and push them to let go of the self-limiting beliefs that keep them from what they really want. Furthermore, I teach my clients that the most important thing about the C goal isn’t achieving it, but the growth they experience during the journey along the way. This process stems from a paraphrased quote, “The road to becoming a millionaire isn’t about the money you’ll earn, it’s about the person you’ll become along the way. You can lose the million dollars, but you can never lose the person you’ve become.”


With this approach, I’ve helped my goal setting clients set and achieve goals they never imagined. This has allowed them to unlock true freedom and abundance in their finances, their relationships, and their health and wellness. I’d love to help you experience the thrill of achieving a life-changing “C” goal!

life coach

Leadership development spans two major aspects: teaching individuals how to find their leadership styles, and helping businesses adapt to the leadership styles of their management team. Essentially it all boils down to this: the best way to be a good leader is to be a good follower. To be a good follower, you have to be a good listener.


I assist in leadership coaching by helping my clients learn their defining personality traits and how to maximize these traits in leadership roles. Whether you naturally lead with an authoritative, collaborative, or inclusive approach, I can teach you how to harness your unique style to become the kind of leader people want to follow.


The most effective strategy in leadership development is an inward focus. It all starts inside of you! Once we’ve honed your inherent leadership skills, we can then target the motivational drivers of your team members. Combining your leadership style with an understanding of what motivates your team is the formula for successful and transformative leadership.


Whether you subscribe to the idea that leaders are born or made, one thing is certain: leaders must always evolve. My leadership development program specializes in encouraging continuous growth and adaptability for leaders at every stage of their career.



Life Coaching



The most important thing to understand about life coaching is our own self-image. Many people box themselves into a corner based on what they’ve always been told about themselves. Well, what if I told you that you’re the only one allowed to place limitations on yourself?

I begin working with my life coaching clients immediately by identifying their goals for their finances, relationships, and health and wellness. These three pillars encompass the largest reasons why people seek a life coach. Often, many people feel stuck where they’re at and overwhelmed with how to move forward or change. I help people truly identify their goals and establish a plan for achieving them.


This a very personal approach that is tailored for each client. I begin with a specific personality profile that not only identifies key defining characteristics but also individual motivators. This combination of motivators and characteristics allows me to identify a real plan, dedicated to real results, just for you.


After working with me, my life coaching clients not only experience progression towards their goals, they experience more freedom and abundance in their lives. They find freedom in being able to dream big again. At the end of the day, life coaching is about teaching my clients how to get the most out of their most valuable resource – their time.


I regularly help clients looking to make more money, help more people, create more beautiful art, and more. If you tell me what you want, I can help you go out and get it. What’s more, if you don’t know exactly what you want, I can help you find out!

Mindset Mentor

Your subconscious mind occupies 95% of your day. That means only FIVE PERCENT of your day is conscious and intentional. The rest of the time, your programming and paradigms are dictated by your subconscious mind, which has been operating to get you the results you have been getting. If you want different and better results, it’s time to reprogram your paradigms. 


Unlocking creativity means stepping outside your comfort zone, challenging norms, and embracing unique ideas. It's about thinking outside the box to redefine what's possible.

Thinking Outside The Box

Research shows us that 95% of the decisions we make throughout the day are controlled by our subconscious while only 5% are made with our conscious mind.

Knowing-Doing Gap



I regularly introduce myself as a reformed business coach turned Mindset Mentor or Mindset Consultant. That’s because I believe that transformational change starts with the mind. Too many people go through life spinning their wheels without finding their passion and experiencing freedom and abundance. I help my clients shed their self-limiting thoughts and learn to think differently. This change in the way people think is the foundation for individual growth and success.


Public Speaking
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Public speaking allows me to reach your entire team or the entire group at once. I customize each of my talks for the audience I will be presenting to, coming prepared with relevant leadership examples and impactful personal development experiences. My passion for business growth and for helping others achieve their dreams and goals in areas like career advancement and life coaching holds the attention of the audience. In fact, several audience members have approached me after a public speaking event to share that my presentation was 'Inspiring and engaging'.

Team Building



Team building is the process of bringing individual members of a team closer together. This increases productivity across the team and, more importantly, causes the group to feel more like a family.

My clients that have gone through my team building program experience a drastic change in team dynamics almost overnight. One of the biggest reasons this change happens is because going through this program allows all members of the team to gain an understanding of each other and develop a common language.

This common language and understanding bridges the gap where conflict and miscommunication use to thrive. By creating a common language to use amongst your team and pushing everyone to understand each other’s communication styles you’re empowering your team to solve problems rather than create additional ones.

Teams that have gone through the program are better prepared to handle issues as they arise on a daily basis. They also experience less turnover and report feeling more engaged in their roles and respected by their colleagues.




INNER BLUEPRINT isn’t just about your business growth. It’s about improving all aspects of your life. When you dive into Inner BluePrint, you’ll experience abundance in your finances, you’ll have better relationships, and improved health and wellness.

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